We take our recruitment activity very seriously, as you would expect us to, since it is our bread and butter function. We stretch ourselves with a passion for our Clients and candidates, eager to play our facilitator role to make the win-win happen for all the three of us.

Our database has an almost prodigal offering of skills, at every level. We are strong in high-end skills.
  •  Technical
  •  Projects
  •  QA & QC
  •  R & D
  •  Formulation
  •  Maintenance
  •  Pharma and Chemical Marketing
  •  Power Sector
  •  Insurance / Banking / Telecom
  •  Health Safety and Environment
  •  Finance
  •  HR
  The Shortlist Process :
We have built a process around how we would like to handle your resource support request. But again this is not meant to be rigid. If you have a better way, we are all ears!

Receipt of job and skills profile from our clients
Scrutiny of database for matching profiles using a sophisticated software
Mailer to identified candidates with profile and company information
Receipt of updated cv from interested candidates
Second scrutiny of profile and discussion with candidates
Send out list of identified and confirmed cvs to client
Receipt of shortlist from client and scheduling meetings Reference and compensation check of short listed candidates, as require
  About Priya Placement Services
A complete HR institution committed to serve its clients in the golden triangle of Silvassa-Vapi-Daman-Umargaom-Sarigam-Achhad, its services include placement, recruitment solutions, management development programmes, labour law advices, IR handling and outsourcing of staff.We are one of the leading consultancy agencies in Silvassa with more than 200 hundred clients including 40 MNC clients.
  Talent Search
We have a very strong Team of Headhunting, which can source people for any and every kind of profile in any industry/domain in a short span of time. You just tell us the background of people you require and our Team will find them for you, from Your Competitors and also the best available in the Industry. country. Our Headhunting capabilities range from CEO's/ CIO's to Managerial level (say an R&D Manager) to Software Engineer (working in say Aqua logic) and it ranges from IT Industry to Banking to Manufacturing to say Heavy Engineering etc. We specialize in this search facility. Since we work closely with client, our initial screening process separates the wheat from the chaff and we send only those people who we feel would fit the role best. Unless of course, the client asks us for the broader choice and more options.
We understand the requirement for consultant staff to excel, obtain satisfaction from his employment, develop his professional abilities and receive proper financial rewards and security. We carefully pick the outstanding candidates, forward them to client-company for challenging work and increased responsibility based on a record of achievement and demonstrated potential for further progress.
We operate within the framework of core values which include cohesive management, financial stability and strength, professionalism, stable structure, strong performance ethic, shared value, team-work and empowerment, honesty and integrity, motivated staff, transparency and honesty of actions, etc. These practices are geared towards delivering Continuous Quality Outputs to our clients on just-in-time (JIT) basis under all circumstances.

"We are committed to providing services to our clients with Leadership, Quality, Integrity & Reliability."
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