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Established in 2007 PRIYA PLACEMENT SERVICES Registered Organization under section 58 of the Indian act -1932 on U.T. OF DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI. A sound reputation for a methodical & hands on approach to Human Resources consulting. We are one of the leading recruitment solutions of Gujarat, Daman and U.T. of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The company is a global hub to meet all Human Resource.
Requirements ( Technical & Non Technical Professionals ) in all the levels of management i.e. TOP, MIDDLE & LOWER Levels respectively. So we are having total recruitment solutions.

Our Organization has nearly 150 well reputed & established Indian & Multinational clients of different sectors. The Aim of our services is to fulfill the requirement as per the set standards by the company with our maximum Potential using the best available & existing resources & to build up a fruitful relationship between the employee & the employer. To achieve the goal we have a team of talented Communicative, Skilled & experiences personnel specialized in their respective fields.

  Mission   To Provide right opportunity to the right people at the right place”

We are the best solution of the biggest issue of Human Resource recruitment. We have expertise in placing the real talent according to its experience and educational background. We believe in Quality as well in Quantity work.

To consistently deliver value to our clients through solutions and services that enable efficient recruitment and retention of Human Resources of appropriate capabilities and qualities.


“ To promote the best talent in world of Best Employer of India thus we envision to be a most effective, qualitative and fastest solution for recruitment”.

“People are hired for their skills but get fired for their attitude.”
PRIYA PLACEMENT SERVICES has a team well equipped & Canalized Communication channel internally as well as externally.
We have a strong belief that “If both of us work together nothing is impossible”.
We concentrate 100% on these specialized sectors, enabling us to provide one of the best and severely focused services. Priya Placement Services is your team to assist you in building your workforce. Our endeavor is to help you, locate the right heads for the right Jobs. We aspire to be your trustworthy partners in sourcing quality professionals that will help you to strengthen your human capital.

Our goal is to create a vibrant Team of Achievers. We believe in achieving the growth of the Organization through nurturing the growth of each of our team members. We are a Learning Organization and shall always continue to be so.

These combined with our delectable in-house campus, our picnics, trainings and get-togethers, and last, but very importantly, our aggressive incentive system which probably surpluses the best in this industry, enables each member of our Team to contribute the best, and nurture her/his professional growth as well as personal growth.

  Our Core Strengths:

Priya Placement Services appreciates that every industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, skill sets, hiring practices and compensation norms. Our people are supported by their invaluable industry knowledge and contacts, an awareness of trends and sensitivity to current marketplace issues.

Our database has an almost prodigal offering of skills, at every level. We are strong in high-end skills.


•  Automobile & Auto Components

•  Advertisement & Multi Media

•  Engineering, Process & Infrastructure

•  Electronic Manufacturing Services

•  Engineering Research & Development

•  Plastics & Paper-Packaging Industry

•  Fast Moving Consumer Goods

•  Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life-Sciences

•  Retailing & Hospitality Services

•  IT or Non IT Technology

•  Telecommunication & Wire-Cable

•  Capital Markets, Banking & Insurance Industry

•  Manufacturing / Heavy Engineering

•  Chemical & Oil-Gas Industry

   The Shortlist Process :

We have built a process around how we would like to handle your resource support request. But again this is not meant to be rigid. If you have a better way, we are all ears!

  • Receipt of job and skills profile from our clients
  • Scrutiny of database for matching profiles using sophisticated software
  • Mailer to identified candidates with profile and company information
  • Receipt of updated CV from interested candidates
  • Second scrutiny of profile and discussion with candidates
  • Send out list of identified and confirmed cvs to client
  • Receipt of shortlist from client and scheduling meetings
  • Reference and compensation check of short listed candidates, as require.
   About Priya Placement Services :

A complete HR institution committed to serve its clients in the golden triangle of Silvassa-Daman-Gujarat and Rajasthan; its services include placement, and recruitment solutions, management development programmes, labour law advices, IR handling and outsourcing of staff.We are one of the leading consultancy agencies in Silvassa & Daman with more than 150 hundred clients including 40 MNC clients.

  • Advance Surfactant India Ltd.
  • Grauer & Wiel (I) Ltd.
  • Global Wind Power Ltd.
  • Ipca Laboratories Ltd.
  • Precision Wires (I) Ltd.
  • Precision Wires (I) Ltd.
  • Tipco Industries Ltd.
  • The Paper Products Ltd.
  • U.M.Cables Ltd.
  • ITW India Ltd.
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